Friday, May 24, 2013


Lyrics by JJ3 The Liberty Bard

Power alone is not to be feared,
it's the greed and the avarice that put the power smears
in place we face yet another race
so casually I place another ace
within the human race
the power of the people will put my plan in place.
On this planet understand that power is a circle
cut the corner of the oval and then they'll try again
to place the collar of confusion around your strongest sin
so just relax and grab your wax take the tube within
your memories of magical past so let's begin
to enter the center of oblivion
oblivious to when I hear a certain sound spoken
whispered like the wind you know my heart it starts a racing
and I can't pretend that the glare of killing care
won't invade my stare I distinctly think the fink
that guards your luscious lair has lost it's flagrant flair
to overcome despair, so now when will be begin
to ask the question where? The hell has honor gone
overcome by power locked behind their mortar walls
locked within their towers as powerful as power is
eventually it devours the abuser excess user
they'll label you a loser if you don't accept their power plays
and opt instead for sunny days
the sun will be your light that guides you through the night
don't pass through their diamond doors
and it will be all right don't give up the fight
cause it's the truth we adore and the truth will make us tight
perhaps the truth unites this planet that's a flower that blossoms
every hour, next time that your starving you'll realize food
is power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely
I'd try your power on but that color doesn't suit me
because my suit ain't colored green the color of that money fiend
instead my suit is colored blue the color of the ocean true
so when that power comes to you make sure you think that power
through. Who controls the power who?
In a matter of time, we do, In a matter of time, we do, In a matter of time, we do,
I said in time that power comes could be all could be some
my point is only this a point you cannot miss,
in order to achieve a vision of precision we must combine our power with wisdom.