Friday, May 24, 2013


Lyrics by JJ3 the Liberty Bard

Wall Street's gambling with our 401ks,
The Fed's manipulating markets by fixing interest rates,
Congress is perfecting a perfect police state ,
There making money worthless with a mandate to inflate,
All guided by a greed that they'll never satiate,
So many see the problem, but it just may be too late,
Inevitable ending, we don't have long to wait.

Politicians promise that things are gonna change,
Unfortunately they are, mentally deranged.
The lessor of two evils is all were left to choose,
As they divide and conquer those falling for their ruse,
No leader wants to fix our culture of corruption,
Inevitable ending - societal eruption

Where were you when the world went mad?
Were you armed up on the roof protecting all you had?
Where were you when the lights went out?
When your full faith in the system quickly turned to doubt?
Where were you when you finally broke the chains,
Placed on you by a system that cannot be sustained.

Big banks are busted but their too big to fail,
They'll gladly pay their fines so that no one goes to jail,
Financial Armageddon if we don't bail them out,
Extortion of the people is what's it's all about,
It's easy to make money when the Federal Reserve,
Lends you tons of money and let's you set the curve.

A new world order is changing all the rules,
Their central banking system plays us all for fools,
They create the problems then offer up solutions,
To get the sheep to follow their dastardly delusions,
They say you shouldn't worry if you've done nothing wrong,
Until they put you in a prison just for singing a song.