Friday, May 24, 2013


Lyrics by JJ3 the Liberty Bard



Every time I hear the talking heads,
They're feigning outrage over something someone said,
Even though it's obviously in fun,
They demand that something must be done!
They all agree that they are offended,
No matter if hurt was not intended
When the hell did we all get so concerned?
We're fiddling as Rome begins to burn.
Apologies must be made immediately,
Must be sincere and be made obediently.
Otherwise you will be stigmatized,
There concern may lead to your demise.

Get off of your high horse,
Come down from Mount Piety,
Just mind your own business,
Stop policing society.
Your so high and mighty,
I can tell by your tone,
But those who live in glass houses,
Shouldn't throw stones

Now we must be careful what we say,
We can't offend or judge in any way,
Now free speech is not exactly free,
More like - Say what you want unless they disagree,
You must learn to censor all your words,
Or be crucified by the talking turds,
They will use their PC show platform,
To define the new established norm,
So you have to be careful what you say,
The thought police look like they're here to stay,
They'll come along and throw you in the brink
If it looks like you've had too much to think.