Friday, May 24, 2013


Lyrics by JJ3 the Liberty Bard

Song by LeWanch

Armed with knowledge I enter the lair of a corrupt system feeling quite laissez faire,
A free market army is guarding my back, as the mainstream media begins their attack,
silver and gold are my weapons of choice, backed by the power of the truth in my voice,
My only chance for change is to awaken the masses,
It's time to take off all your rose colored glasses.

There's nothing at stake, except the future of man,
and all our bought leaders, they don't have a plan,
they just know there's profit in a war with Iran,
All men of good conscience must join me and stand.

Stand for your right for individual choice,
stand for your right to listen to any voice,
stand for your right to protect your family,
stand for your right to protest peacifully,
stand for your right for personal privacy,
stand for your rights, because the people are we.

Filled with fury, the further I go, deeper down the rabbit hole, I find our true foe,
It came from Jekyll island in the dark of the night
the very creature our forefather's did fight.
A central banking system owned by the elites
wholly owned governments chained at their feet.
Their shackles of debt enslave the populations,
as their financial con games bankrupt our nation.

When bankers are gangsters, and lobbyists rule,
and they buy politicians, who just become tools,
to the corporate interests and the bubbles they blow,
and the government wants you to be too dumb to know,
all the ways that they steal the bread off our table,
and when you point it out, it's a fantastic fable,
but knowledge is golden, ain't that right Pony Boy,
and I know too much to share in the medias joy,
when they all point out that our economies fine,
Please don't ask questions, just get back in line,
But anger is just when it is righteous, enough is enough, let's get off the back of the bus,
let liberty serve us, defend our constitution, there's no time like right now
to start a revolution.