Friday, May 24, 2013


Lyrics by JJ3 the Liberty Bard




They demand that the people be disarmed,

All the while surrounded by armed guards,

They get rich from insider info,

Do what they do and off to jail you'd go,

They say gold is a barbarous relic,

Don't look now - but I think the Euro's sick,

They plan our lives down to the smallest fraction,

But forget about the force of human action.




It's a welfare-warfare state, with a populace sedate,
But I have hope I have to say,
cause more awaken every day,
so get off your boredom binge,
and come join the lunatic fringe.
The hypocrisy of authority,
Such a sight to see, what futility!
The super successful societies,
Have always been the ones with Liberty.

They turn truths into conspiracies,
I call them facts, but they call them theories,
Their plans may hurt or they may be so tame,
throughout it all, you know the planners remain the same,
They want control they want to watch our every move,
Get out of line, you'll have your innocence to prove,
They get their votes through handouts and deceit,
They'll come undone by their own fatal conceit.