Friday, January 3, 2014

Listen to someone who fought for our freedom w songs by The Liberty Bard

Listen to the words of someone who fought for our freedom….

World War II Airborne combat veteran Warren (Renn) Bodeker has an important message for the American people.
Let there be no mistake, this man is sharp and he definitely has some pointed words for the federal government.
The following are some of the most memorable quotes from this gripping video:
“Whether our government likes it or not, we have to stand up for the Constitution and the freedom that we have. The people will eventually say ‘enough is enough’ and they’re gonna rise up with a wrath and take government back. Don’t ask me how, but it has to be done.”
“Life has value, and whatever the cost, we need to fight for that freedom and value.”
“Beware the wrath of a peaceful nation.”
“I think we’re getting a lot of our men killed for nothing. They’re fighting for something that’s not a worthy cause.”
“The people need to not rise up in arms, but to take a stand and insist upon the government falling back under the Constitution. If they won’t do it, then we should get rid of ‘em. Insist they retire.”
“I think we should have another party. We have a choice between Democrats and Republican.”
“I hope that our Congress wakes up and takes a stand for the people and our country. That what they’re doing is destroying, not only the people but the country.”
“We need, in my opinion, a whole new Congress. There’s a few in there standing up for the American [people] and the Constitution. I’m guessing, as I see it, 90% of them don’t. They’re traitors to our country. It’s time they either get the hell out of there, or change their way of doing things.”
“I feel that our government is trying to break the American people. Their goal is to take all we have worked for, all of these years and centuries, we’ve been taken from the greatest country on the face of the earth, that’s always been there to help people all over the world when they were in trouble, and now they’ve sold us out, and everything that I hear, we stand a very good chance of the dollar crashing, that is gonna break most of the people of the United States – which seems to be their goal.”
“We’ve shipped all of our industry to foreign countries.”
“The American people need to wake up and go back to work.”
“Be prepared for what might happen.”
“The most important thing I’ve learned is to stand up for what’s right. If it costs us our life, or whatever, if we can’t believe and express ourselves and willing to give ourselves and our life for what we believe in, then what do we got left – nothing. A total control of us. And I don’t like that. I want to be free. In my thinking and in my action, as long as I don’t harm anyone else, I should be free.”
“I hope the American people wake up to realize what is going on. They’ll open their eyes, and if they’ll quit being a captive of the television, and start looking and listening to what’s been happening to our country and what’s going to happen if we let it keep on like it is, we’ll have nothing.”
“Germany was taken over because people didn’t take a stand. And I see the same thing happening here. We’re all asleep letting our country be taken over by these politicians and it’s being destroyed. It’s time we take a stand.”
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