Monday, January 6, 2014

Duck Dynasty cancelled here are the alternatives song by The Liberty Bard


Posted on 4th January 2014 by AWD in Economy

A&E spinoffs: Dyke Dynasty, Schmuck Dynasty, Lame Duck…
If you feel offended by Duck Dynasty, try this substitute: Dyke Dynasty!
Series focuses on a group of outspoken LGBT activists who have achieved fame and fortune by making dyke calls, as well as by devising campaigns of threats and intimidation to foster tolerance and diversity of opinions by making you shut your big fat American pie hole. Light skinned black racist feminazi dykes are always good for a few laughs, quips, anti-christian, anti-male, anti-American statements. Always entertaining, especially with their transvestite guests and biker bull dyke partners.
Stop living in the past! Tune in to the newest American reality show: Schmuck Dynasty!
Follow the lives of elitist schmucks who turned their patented schmuck calls into a multi-billion-dollar government business of taxing and regulating successful U.S. companies into oblivion. These loser pricks couldn’t get a job anyplace else, and they just love spending other people’s money. And writing thousands of new laws every year is a bonus. Can you say lobbyists?

This one is just like Duck Dynasty, only a lot more progressive: Lame Duck Dynasty!

Meet the Obamas, a progressive Washington family running a growing government business out of the White House while pretending to have American values. A socialism disclaimer and re-education segment is presented on every show. Show your family and friends you support narcissism, psychopathology, pathological lying, and sociopathy. Communism can be fun!
“If this doesn’t improve the President’s failing ratings, nothing will.”