Thursday, April 3, 2014

The war on weather - a logical analysis of elitist propaganda on climate change

This is my response to someone who called my a conspiracy theorist for doubting "global warming" or "climate change or whatever it is they call it nowadays.  I broke down point by point the article he posted to clearly show the fearmongering and unfactual emotional appeal to the masses to get them to support their carbon taxation schemes.  I think it's a good exercise in logic.
Here is a song I wrote when I used to believe their lies.  It's a good song, but I have to rewrite some of the lyrics to expose their propaganda.
I responded to his juveline name calling where he called me the Liberty Tard by pointing out some facts and then he said I was just a conspiracy theorists - here is my response.


Oh you mean like the conspriracy theory that the NSA was listening in on everyone's conversations - oh wait that turned out to be true didn't it?  These are not conspiracy theories my friend, they are facts.  The elitists who control the strings at the top use the phrase conspiracy theories to try to discredit anyone who speaks truth to power and tries to point out there many lies and show truth to the people.  There are many truths that have been labeled as conspiracy theories my friend.  Listen, I understand that your heart is in the right place, you want to do right by our planet, I get that, I'm right there with you.  But please consider the solution that they are offering.  They want to enforce another level of taxation based upon every person's carbon footprint.  They also want to create an international government so that we can all pay an international tax on top of our Federal tax and our state tax and our sales tax.

Look man, these are just money grabs by the higher ups.  I read the article on your google blog(dissected below).  It did not contain any actual facts, it was simply an emotional appeal, claiming that if you were a good person and cared about our planet then you would support their ideas.  Again, no facts, no conclusive proof that climate change is caused by humans.  It's not caused by humans, it's just not.  The climate has changed since this planet has existed that is what planets do, they go from cold extremes to hot extremes.

I would argue the the sun has a much more direct effect on our climate than humans do.  Listen humans are insignificant to this planet if humans were to cease to exist on the Earth tomorrow the Earth would begin the gradual process of healing itself and in time there would be no evidence of human effect on it.

Again, I think you are a good person who is interested in this stuff for the right reasons.  However, please look back on your schooling, that IS run by our government and think about how much they pushed "saving the planet" on your generation.  You have to ask the question why.  That's all I'm asking is for you to dig a little deeper and quit accepting everything that you read being pushed by the government as fact.

Look at who they quoted.  The head of the WHO and the World Bank, both run by the UN who stands to profit mightily from carbon taxation.  These people have been planning these types of taxation schemes for decades.  Don't believe me - do a google search on the Federal Reserve, the Rothchilds and how the Federal Reserve was founded in secret - The Creature from Jekyl Island is a great synopsis of how the higher ups secretively got together and had a plan to create this bank that would steal from us, the people, every year through inflation.

Did you know that this Federal Reserve is actually the third Federal Bank that the US has created.  Read some history on why the first two were shut down.

Look, it's easy to dismiss me as some crazy lunatic fringe conspiracy theory guy.  But dude, I'm a father of five kids and a financial analyst.  I have been a CPA for over 15 years.  I know what I'm talking about.

If you met me I am a fun person who you would enjoy hanging out with having a beer with.  I'm just a normal person who is fed up with their lies.

All I'm asking is that you do a little more reserach on climate change.  Remember how they used to call it global warming and predicted drastic temperature changes by this time 15 years ago?  No well they did.  Their models have been proven wrong and now they are shifting their argument trying to blame every weather related event on climate change.  Climate's change however human activity has very little effect on the climate.  That's no conspiracy, that's a fact Jack.

My next response where I critically break down the climate change call to arms article:
To be more specific - from the article posted - the IPCC’s new report should leave the world in no doubt about the scale and immediacy of the threat to human survival, health, and wellbeing.
Where are the facts - they simply say it should leave no doubt implying that anyone who doubts what they are saying should be branded as a crazy conspiracy theorist - this is a blatent emotional appeal capitalizing on the fact that they already know you believe them and that what you are doing by promoting thier lies is a noble thing that is in effect saving the world.  They are playing to your ego.

Next - This month, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) added its voice: “the well being of people of all nations [is] at risk.”2 Such comments reaffirm the conclusions of the Lancet/UCL Commission: that climate change is “the greatest threat to human health of the 21st century.”3

OK so who is the AAAS?  These are scientists who are paid by... wait for it, wait for it - government grants.  In other words, you write what we tell you and you get your grant money if you don't then you will be portrayed as crazy and will not get any govt money.

Again - here they say greatest threat to human health.  How?  Why?  Because some people are being displaced by shifting water on this planet.  This has always happened and is not caused by any human activity.  Here again they use an emotional appeal to create fear and make you think - I must do something against this threat without specifically explaining the threat and what caused it.  There are many hints and accusations as to what caused it but there is no proof.

Next - The changes seen so far—massive arctic ice loss and extreme weather events, for example—have resulted from an estimated average temperature rise of 0.89°C since 1901.

First of all, they were predicting that the arctic would lose all of it's ice by 2013.  That didn't happen and as a matter of fact the ice has increased by over 65% in the past year.  Check it man, it's a fact.

Here again they blame normal weather occurences that may be extreme but are not so far outside the statistical markers as to be considered rare.  These weather events happen and it's not caused by humans.  Again if you think it is show me hard concrete evidence.  You can't because there is none.

Oh wow an average increase of almost a whole degree in a century.  So what?  This doesn't even register as a blip on temperature differentials throughout history.  It's not even statistically outside of the norm.  They predicted much higher increases in temperature 20 years ago when they made up this scheme to generate profits.  Al Gore made billions off of these lies.

NEXT - Further changes will depend on how much we continue to heat the planet. The release of just another 275 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide would probably commit us to a temperature rise of at least 2°C—an amount that could be emitted in less than eight years.4

Notice the hedging on these statements - will depend, would probably, could be emitted.  There are no scientific facts here.  They are trying to predict the future but they have already been wrong in predicting the future.

Next - “Business as usual” will increase carbon dioxide concentrations from the current level of 400 parts per million (ppm), which is a 40% increase from 280 ppm 150 years ago, to 936 ppm by 2100, with a 50:50 chance that this will deliver global mean temperature rises of more than 4°C. It is now widely understood that such a rise is “incompatible with an organised global community.”5

Ok so a 40% increase in carbon dioxide over 150 years?  Again so what?  Another hedge - 50/50 chance.  "widely understood"  Widely understood by who?  By the same scientists that are being paid through government grants.  There are many scientists who dispute these reports and they are not paid by big oil, no matter what they tell us.

During the last actual ice age, carbon dioxide levels were much much higher than they are now and it did not effect the planet the way that they claim.  Also some scientists are noting a steady decrease in temperatures now and think that the increase noted above is actually helping to offset these decreases and that in actuality we are heading towards another mini ice age.  Caused by nothing but the cycles the Earth naturally goes through over time.

Next - The IPCC warns of “tipping points” in the earth’s system, which, if crossed, could lead to a catastrophic collapse of interlinked human and natural systems. The AAAS concludes that there is now a “real chance of abrupt, unpredictable and potentially irreversible changes with highly damaging impacts on people around the globe.”2

Again no facts, just fearmongering - oh watch out for those nasty tipping points.  More hedging - concludes that there is now a real chance - again this may happen, but in twenty years when it doesn't happen they look back and say well we weren't sure it would happen we said that there was a chance it could happen.  Do you see how easy it is to dissect through their propaganda if you read it critically?

Next - And this week a report from the World Meteorological Office (WMO) confirmed that extreme weather events are accelerating. WMO secretary general Michel Jarraud said, “There is no standstill in global warming . . . The laws of physics are non-negotiable.”6

Again - no facts, just a blanket statement that global warming exists, please just believe me if I say it over and over again eventually you will believe me.  Unfortunately, this type of propaganda works.

And look who the quote is from - A WHO official.  How does this guy get paid?  Does he stand to benefit if we impose carbon taxes upon the richer countries in the world to help the poorer countries deal with the effects of "global warming"?  Of course he does.  Who do you think the carbon taxes get paid to?  The UN of which the WHO is a branch.  This dude stand to make millions if they can pass carbon taxes, so of course he is going to say that.

Next - This is an emergency. Immediate and transformative action is needed at every level: individual, local, and national; personal, political, and financial. Countries must set aside differences and work together as a global community for the common good, and in a way that is equitable and sensitive to particular challenges of the poorest countries and most vulnerable communities.

Again no facts, just an emotional appeal for richer countries like the US to pay a tax to help the poorer countries.  They always frame the argument this way, we have to do it to help out the less fortunate and then when you disagree with their scheme to rob us, they make us out to be the bad guys.  I'm not the bad guy man I promise you that.

Next - What we all do matters, not least in how it influences others. Those who profess to care for the health of people perhaps have the greatest responsibility to act. And there are signs of action being taken. Within the health system, organisations and health facilities are reducing their carbon footprint. Barts Health NHS Trust has, for example, reduced its energy bill by 43% since 2009. The president of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, himself a public health physician, has called for divestment from fossil fuels and investment in green energy.7 We should all respond.

Here is the biggest red flag - those who profess to care for the health of people have the greatest responsibility to act.  Here they play on your ego and your real desire to do something worthwhile by telling you that if you support their cause it is worthwhile and that if you want to be considered a caring person then you have a responsibility to help them implement their taxation schemes.  Again - another quote from who?  You guessed it the president of the World Bank. Who runs the world bank?  The United Nations.

And of course the last sentence - we should all respond.  Subtle propaganda reinforcing your belief that you are doing good and that you must respond to their appeal.

Do you see the pattern yet my friend?

Next - So what can health professionals do? Firstly, we should push our own organisations (universities, hospitals, primary care providers, medical societies, drug and device companies) to divest from fossil fuel industries completely and as quickly as possible, reinvest in renewable energy sources, and move to “renewable” energy suppliers. Secondly, we should each use whatever influence we have to change the minds and behaviour of others who are in positions of influence.

Now hear they want you to push your workplace to "do the right thing" and support their taxation schemes.  We cannot divest from fossil fuels quickly, it has to be done slowly in a transitional phase or our economy will collapse.  You cannot just take out the one thing OIL that we all rely on and NEED without causing a massive disruption to our current system.  Are there better alternatives - Yes, see Nicolas Tesla for some great ideas.  Unfortunately when he died the govt went in and took all his patents for energy alternative so that the government could continue to collect huge taxes from the oil industry.  The technology exists to replace the current oil system.  Not a theory, this is a fact, do some research on Tesla.

I really don't like this angle of pushing employees to push their employers to support schemes that in many cases would be counterproductive for their employer's business model.  This is simply disgusting and a good way to get fired if you push to hard against a boss that understands this propaganda.

Next - Thirdly, we need to build an alliance of medical and other health professionals to speak clearly to the public, the media, governments, and intergovernmental bodies to provide a strong and unified message—that climate change is real and is the result of human activity; that it is already affecting people around the world and is the greatest current threat to human health and survival; and that there are many positive and practical things we can do systematically and at scale to avert its worst effects.8

Again help us push our agenda, you will be a hero, you are doing the right thing, something must be done or we will all die. Straight up fearmongering.  A strong and unified message - regardless if the message is not supported by facts.


When the actual report comes out I will read it critically and sort through the lies.

Like I said earlier I was a BIG beleiver in these lies a couple of years ago but then I started reading other media besides NBC, CBS & CNN and after reading both sides I can clearly see which side the truth resides on.

The question is - do you want your children and grandchilden to pay a tax for every breath they take, because that is where this is heading.

I hope you take what I'm saying seriously, I hope that my dissection of the article you posted clearly shows the propaganda.  Either way I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming hard times.