Friday, April 11, 2014

Merely a flesh wound - wow this guy's a badass

Walking Tall: Feds Taser Cowboy 4 Times as He Rips Chains Off at Battle of Bunkerville

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In the altercation between armed federal BLM agents and peaceful local residents which took place on Wednesday, one cowboy managed to stand tall in the face of brute force.

Residents and supporters of embattled cattle rancher Cliven Bundy confronted a federal convoy with questions regarding reports of disposing of their animals. In a show of force, US Dept. of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents drew their weapons all at once, and along with German Shepherd attack dogs, set upon the public before man-handling at least  one 57 year old mother to the ground. Angry bystanders who went to help were met with a barrage of taser shots at members of the crowd (see video at bottom of article).
One local rancher Ammon Bundy was shot by federal agents at close range no less than 4 times, and incredibly, he could be seen  ripping away taser chains with his bare hands – never once losing his footing. Bundy sustained some surface injuries and bleeding.

Speaking the following day to a CNN news crew Bundy described the incident, explaining, “I’ve never been tasered before. They are amazing weapons, and I hope I never have to go through that again – but I will if I have to.”

See Ammon Bundy’s injuries here:

Video of the incident was shot by GMN two days ago at the Riverside encampment, adjacent to the Bundy Ranch. Following federal agents’ unprovoked assault on one 57 year old mother who was violently thrown to the pavement, members of the public moved in and panicked BLM agents began firing taser guns at local residents. Watch:

In days previous, another Bundy son, 37 year old Dave Bundy (photo, below) was roughed-up by heavily armed BLM agents and arrested him for stepping out of his vehicle near his family home along the state highway in northeast Clark County on Sunday.

(IMAGE credit The Blaze)

Bundy has opposed his arrest on the grounds that he was standing on the side of Route 170 in a state ‘right-of-way’. Occupying BLM forces stationed at Bunkerville have stated that any ‘right-of-way’ is under their jurisdiction now, and therefore closed to the public.

Dave’s crime was that he was taking photos with his iPad. Authorities had cited him misdemeanor charges of “refusing to disperse” and “resisting arrest”.

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Photos and video by GMN reporter Peter Santilli. Follow latest updates from Bunkerville on Twitter @Santilliman