Friday, March 7, 2014

New Lyrics by the Liberty Bard - Things go on... until they can't

In the historical moment of an epic turning point,

When the world wonders which tyrant to anoint,

When you’re naked and ashamed with your dark worldview,

and the scorn of relatives is directed right at you.

There’s just one word that your doubts and fears must hear,

And that one word is simply persevere.

There are worse things in life than being somewhat late,

In predicting when collapse will leave us to our fate.

Inertia and fraud dictate how the system runs,

The complexity so vast is what makes it so much fun,

That much stuff in motion takes a while to stop,

We’re falling pretty fast while pretending we’re on top,

The freeways still hum and the lights stay on,

The people still party until the break of dawn,

The agri-bix still sends its amber waves of grain,

and tankers of corn syrup across the fruited plains.

But one day I know the world will validate my rant…

Cause things go on… until they can’t.