Wednesday, July 3, 2013


By JJ3 The Liberty Bard

This song was inspired partly by a comment made by Adam Carolla on his podcast.  He simply noted (or complained) how narcissistic our American society has become.  It's true, look around, too many people in America today are only concerned about themselves.  They make decisions based upon how it effects them, their politics are based on voting for the politician who will give them the most stuff.  They cut in front of you in line at the store and act like you are not there.  They talk on their cellphone while driving not caring that they are in your way and slowing you down.  Everything they do is centered around them.  Their facebook post tell you what they had for lunch, and they actually think that other people care.
It become dangerous when you couple these narcissistic tendencies with a government that wants to be our parent, our teacher our principal.  The government wants to tell us what to eat and how fast we can drive and how to raise our kids and whether or not we should be allowed to defened ourselves and what we can ingest into our OWN bodies.  They ignore our natural rights, not just as citizens, but also as human beings. 
Their policies are financially disastrous.  They believe that they can get something for nothing.  They think that they can just continue to print money out of thin air to pay for every policy that they think is in our best interests.  When the numbers don't work, as they never do, and the economy begins to collapse then they just lie and change the way the formula is calculated. 
The lyrics are below and if you want to hear me make a fool of myself and sing it, then check out the video above.
Welcome to the narcissistic nanny state
It's a bureaucratic feudalistic magistrate.
It's got an ego powered artificial mad mandate,
If you're full of self importance than you think it's great
If you love to control others then you can relate
But the only thing a government can ever create
is a central banking system a destructive tax rate,
and a craving for power they can never satiate.
Governments and bureaucrats,
Monopolies and manipulated stats
Bureaucracies and men in black,
Come work for us we'll all get fat.

They'll offer you destruction and democracy,
They'll give you money if you follow policy,
They'll never let you know it's all a fallacy
They'll even let you pretend that you're truly free
As long as you don't ever go and disagree
Then they won't shock and awe you very viciously.

We're regulated by fickle fabulous fools,
Who love to dominate you with their government rules.
They're in it for the power and perhaps the glory,
Manipulate the media to sell their story

The military industrial complex,
Enforces all their orders regardless if they wreck,
The lives of ordinary people by mistake,
To get your vote they'll give but they prefer to take.
To offer up a little bit of clarity,
You just can't print prosperity.
I just want a government that's sensible,
And follows a non aggression principle,
But every day leviathan increases in size,
Truth is treason in an empire of lies.