Thursday, July 25, 2013


By JJ3 The Liberty Bard

In this song I combined the concept of praying for the true Patriots of this country, those who recognize and understand that our government has been or is being coopted by the military industrial complex and international banks, with what I believe the future holds for us, not just as Americans but as humans.  Listen, I understand that I think a lot, probably too much, my brain is constantly trying to think of possible solutions to upcoming problems we as a society are going to face eventually.  It may be next month, it may be in five years, but unfortunately as a financial expert (I'm a CPA and financial analysis) I don't really see any way out of this box we have put ourselves in.  We have painted the floor and now we are standing in the corner of the room wondering how we are going to get out of the room. 
This process is happening right in front of our eyes as our Federal Reserve banking system blantantly lends out trillions of dollars in secret to the banking cartels (central banks) around the world.  I believe, as do many others, that the purpose or goal of this banking cartel which is mainly owned by some of the richest families on the planet (Rothschild/Rockefeller) is to purposefully organize a crash of the United States economic system in order to gain more control over the world markets without a bunch of liberty loving activists being able to point out what is really going on and stand in their way. 

We are the only country on this planet that has truly experienced freedom, both economic and personal, on a nationwide historical basis, so they know that we may be the only country on the Earth that will fight for freedom once it is truly understood what their diabolical plan for humanity is.  This is why our government is constantly trying to find a way to take our guns.  This is why they put flouride in the water to dumb down the population.  This is why they took over the educational system in the early part of the 20th century to ensure that the population would not know the true meaning of our constitution (just a piece of paper) and what our forefather's truly wanted to create with the concept of America.  This is why everything they do must be classified and kept secret from us the People.  I thought that the US government was run "by the people" didn't you?
So when the economic collapse occurs, and I'm afraid that this is a certainty, the US government will impose martial law across this country.  At this point we will all understand exactly what the purpose of the NSA monitoring truly was for.  They will have lists of people who have publicly stated through their blogs, facebook, google, etc. that they are enemies of fascism.  All of these people, or True Patriots as I call them will be forced to make a choice.  Do we go silently into the night as they process us and our families into FEMA/reeducation camps and move to eliminate us as a threat to the establishment?  If so what then?  All it takes for evil to take hold is for good men to remain silent.
You see there is only one thing that the globalists fear and that is being exposed.  That is why they constantly try to divide us with distractions such as the recent Zimmerberg show trial (black vs. white) the Occupy Wall Street meme (rich vs. poor) and other such media created circuses.   ("United we stand, divided we fall." Pink Floyd - Hey You)  That is also why anyone who stands up to expose the truth is instantly labeled a conspiracy theorist, regardless of how often their historical critical views are proven to be correct.  (Alex Jones and others)
If you do not believe that there will be an economic collapse then you do not understand how the international banking cartel operates.  Not only have they used the worldwide central banking system to systematically enslave country after country, they have also instituted a pattern of creating bubbles to inflate the worth of their assets, selling at the top, and then rebuying everything a couple of years later when the markets hit bottom.  This is how certain families remain incredibly wealthy for centuries.  They are currently in the process of doing the same thing to America by using the Federal Reserve system to control the money supply. (I care not who runs the country as long as we control the money supply -Rothchild)  This is why Patriots like Ron Paul say that we have to End the Fed.  They print out money, (not literally -Bernanke) and give it to all of the largest banks in our country and around the world.  These banks then use this money to essentially make bets and to control the world markets to ensure that their bets do well.  Ever heard the phrase, the house always wins?  The stock market and derivatives market is nothing but a worldwide casino at this point and is it rigged.
So how does this crash our econony if they have control over it?  The Federal Reserve has backed itself into a corner.  They cannot stop or even slow down their monetary printing policies known as Quantitative Easing without a stock market collapse of epic proportions.  They cannot increase the increase rate without a bond market and derivatives collapse of epic proportions.  They have no cards left to play, so they "extend and pretend".  In other words they continue these policies until one day the free market takes over and demands that the price of money, stocks and bonds adjust to their true value. 

Ok, but won't this ruin them as well you ask?  Not really, because they have already started pulling their money out and buying hard assets like land and PM's.  As usual they will sit back and wait for the collapse and then swoop in and buy everything on the cheap.  Sounds fantastical?  This has been done over and over again by the globalist elites since the central banking concept was creating into law after the richest men in the country/world got together on Jekyll Island and created the central bank legislature and had their man Woodrow Wilson sign it into law over Christmas break in the 1910's when Congress was not in session.  This is why the Federal Reserve was created in the first place.  These are not dumb men.  They were and are only concerned with the preservation of wealth.  They don't have the ability to even comprehend what the life of a normal person must be like and they certain don't know how to feel empathy for us.  In other words they could care less how their greed affects the rest of us.
In the meantime, the DHS stocks up on bullets and tanks.  Why?  Because they understand what is coming.  They know that it is only a matter of time before the imminent collapse happens and they know when it does there will be riots across America.  What do you think is going to happen when our government can no longer afford to pay social security, food stamps and other corporate welfare checks.  Do you think that the people who have become accustomed to living on the dole are going to be happy about it?  When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.

I don't want to offend anyone who is not religious but I truly believe that what is needed in this country is not only a return to libertarian principles and economic freedom that made our country an economic powerhouse and gave it the label "Land of the Free" but also a return to God.  Five years ago I was an atheist, my most important personal and spiritual accomplishment was reaching level 78 with my World of Warcraft character.  I laughed at religious "kooks" and thought them to be nieve.  But I stand before you today and I can tell you with certainty that God has an amazing purpose for each and every one of us.  I surrendered my life to Christ last year and I cannot begin to explain how much my life has changed for the better. 

God wants great men to help in the fight against the forces of darkness, which are many in this world.  Don't believe me, turn on the news.  I have chosen to fight on the side of good.  Why?  Because I see the evil that exists in this world and I know that without forces of good to at least attempt to stop it, evil will envelop the world.  Indeed it already has in some places.  (North Korea) 

I found a church that I consider to be relevant and I know there are many more growing in popularity across this great country.  I urge those of you who have turned away from the church or have never experienced the love of Christ to please give another church a try.  Heck, give three a try until you find the one that you want to be a part of.  Without a true spiritual revival in this country we will lose our many blessings.  It is obvious that we have been a blessed country throughout most of our existence as we have always been a God fearing nation.  However, as our country continues to turn away from God, He will turn away from us.  It is written.  I don't know about you, but I prefer to live in a blessed country and I believe an old fashion revival, thousands baptised nightly as was once done in this country will lead us back to prosperity.  We have to do the natural, God will take care of the supernatural. 
So this song is about how when TSHTF I will be praying for the Patriots to rise up and overcome and to help recreate a system based on Liberty, Freedom and Goodness from the ashes so that we can begin to rebuild our nation and become that shining light on the hill that we once were. 

I hope that you enjoy this song, I'm looking for any talented musicians to work with me to cover this song and a video to go with it so as to make this a more professional presentation that we can take viral.

Dear Lord, I pray for the patriots, they are a threat to the establishment,
I ask that you would please look over them, I have -- a feeling they're the key to freedom,
Please bless our righteous anger at this mess, help us to wonderful their wickedness,
Spare us from the riots and the FEMA camps, preserve the batteries within our lamps.
We pray that we can change the way they think,
But if, it comes down to it don't let me blink.
What to do? A treasonous fate?
Aren't we all - a ward of the state?
Hopeless hunger can lead to hate.
Which then will fuel - the mob irate,
Politicians procrastinate.
because they know -- that it's too late.
So if I die, please remember the date.
I'll meet you at the pearly gates
Dear Lord I pray for the unawakened, I pray that by you their soul is taken,
If we could champion a new revival, it could be the very key to our survival,
Please help me share your love and your kindness, help me cure the apathy and all the blindness
We pray that we can change the way they think,
But if, it comes down to it don't let me blink.