Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I've Seen Behind the Curtain

The latest musing from The Liberty Bard...
I’ve seen behind the curtain,

There’s really not a whole lot there,

Some quantitative easing,

But the billion bullion shelves are bare.

There’s some Wall street wizards whistling,

To the tune of Dixieland,

Some derivatives encased in glass,

But I didn’t see a master plan.

The wise ones seemed so small to me,

When they didn’t have their makeup on,

I asked them where the wealth was kept,

They just shrugged their shoulders and said pawned.

So I locked up all the bankers,

But their bonuses set them free,

I noticed Satan sitting right next to them,

But he was only visible to me.

So I stepped into a red room,

Aloud, I wondered why it was so red,

They asked if they could answer,

And this is what his minions said.

Red represents the ones who died,

Those who sacrificed their lives to satisfy my pride,

(I said) you had to fight for peace - but you know I lied,

Yeah you’ve known it all along deep down inside.

Red represents the innocent blood,

Shed in the name of your sovereign love,

You’ve seen behind the curtain now you know the truth,

But no one will believe your indisputable proof.

In came the bond vigilantes,

Armed with only interest rates,

To fight a demonic deficit,

But passive price controls sealed their fate.

Angels sing don’t fight the fed,

But some things are worth fighting for,

Inflationary forces flank their foes,

And battle at the grocery stores.

An illusionary spell of growth is cast,

As the monetary legions grow

The bankers become the generals,

And point their armies towards their foe.

Why are they marching towards me?

All my life I played by their rules,

They laugh and say ignorance is bliss,

But your ignorance is our tool.

You play within our system,

Where we tell you how you should behave

But the one thing we never tell you,

Is that essentially you’re just a slave.