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Duck Dynasty, the Fed and the NDAA
Szandor Blestman

Until last week I didn't know anything about Duck Dynasty. I really couldn't have cared less about those people, their business or their antics. Apparently, however, enough of my fellow human beings find them entertaining enough to make it worth A&E's time and effort to produce a show based on their lives. Now, suddenly, I know way too much about them. Now, suddenly, I feel like someone has grabbed me by the neck and shouted in my face "These people are important! What's happening to them is important! Pay attention to them!" All this because some old dude with a ratty looking beard expressed an opinion that to him a woman's vagina is more appealing than a man's anus, an opinion I happen to agree with, by the way.
What's happening to Duck Dynasty is not important. What he said was not important. The fact that some idiot executives (or highly intelligent and manipulative ones) at A&E decided to kick some commander of ducks off the show or some such thing is not important. What takes place between A&E and the duck people is between A&E and the duck people and has nothing to do with freedom of speech or any violation of human rights.
Sure the duck general, or whatever he wants to call himself, has the right to express his opinion, but no organization has the obligation to give him a platform upon which to do it. The only obligation here is to the federal government that they make no law violating the right to free speech. What we have in this witch's brew of inconsequential ingredients that has captured the attention of so many is a call to allow the federal government to do just that. It's all just a distraction, really, and in the meantime laws of real consequence that really do violate natural rights are being enacted and not a peep is heard because everyone's busy feeding the ducks. The magicians have once again done a good job diverting your attention while their slight of hand makes something precious disappear.
I am happy to notice that as this "controversy" grows more and more commentators are beginning to call out its artificial nature. Intelligent thinkers are pointing out the private nature of the contract between A&E and the duck people which makes the censorship not a First amendment issue and I've even read a couple of intellectual gay commentators point out that the tactics being used against Phil Robertson are the very tactics they abhor when used against gay people. It seems that perhaps people are finally beginning to understand the concept that in order for one to live freely one has to allow others to live freely, whether you agree with them or not. Allow others to have and to voice their opinions, however vile and repugnant you might find them. Allow others to conduct their own private business in their own way so long as they're not harming others or committing theft or fraud. Expect them to do the same for you. Just leave others alone to go about their day to day business and expect the same and we should all get along just fine. It really is a simple concept, "Do unto others..," Etc., ad nauseum, and yet one we still don't seem to get. Even so, it seems to me it's time to take the next step.
First Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Seated: Charles S. Hamlin, William G. McAdoo, Frederic A. Delano. Standing: Paul M. Warburg, George Skelton Williams, W.P.G. Harding, Adolph C. Miller.
The time has come to stop talking about ducks and their dynasty. It is time to talk about parasites and theirs. The parasites I refer to are the central bankers, the corporate cartels and all the politicians which hail from these corporate families or are bought and paid for by corporate special interests. These are the people that attach themselves to the productive part of society and suck it's economic life's blood from it. These are the true entities of importance we should be talking about. These are the people that can truly affect your everyday life by their opinions and actions.
It is time now to start demanding a reversal of some of the things that make us less free rather than discussing what to do to curtail people who are exercising their freedoms, perhaps in a controversial way. It is time to start turning the conversation around and asking why aren't we trying to do something about the institutions that want to control and enslave us. It is up to the people who understand freedom to point these things out to those who might still have a foggy notion as to what freedom is.
For instance, as many of you might know, I feel the most important issue of our time is the Federal Reserve. I feel that if we could get rid of the Fed and decide for ourselves what currency to use when trading with others that many of our economic woes would disappear. So, if I'm standing around the water cooler and I hear someone talking about the ducks and their dynasty I might say something like, "That's nice, but you don't have to watch that show or read about what they're doing if you don't want to or if you disagree with them. We all pretty much have to use federal reserve debt notes in order to survive. We are forced to do business with families that are putting the nation into inescapable, incomprehensible debt. I think that matters a little more than what some duck dictator thinks." Keep the focus. Move the conversation to where it needs to go.
Another matter that is of importance is how the federal government is trying to use unconstitutional legislation to trash the Bill of Rights. For instance, while this whole pressed duck controversy was going on the 2014 NDAA was passed which still allows for indefinite detention and all kinds of other unconstitutional human right violations. So, if this is important to you, as you're standing at the water cooler and the whole duck kingdom thing comes up you might want to consider saying something like "Did you know that a new NDAA bill was passed while this duck BS was happening? They still think it's ok to indefinitely detain anyone, even Americans, without trial simply by calling them an enemy combatant. Why, they could accuse this Phil Robertson guy of plotting a terrorist action with renegade ducks, call him an enemy combatant and we would never hear from him again. I think that's a little more important than knowing whether or not he'd rather put his penis in a woman's vagina or a man's anus."
The point is, the establishment is using its media outlets to try to hide the issues that are truly important by creating issues that are not important. They don't want us talking about issues of importance and would rather have us clucking about non issues like a bunch of hens running around the chicken yard. They have used sneaky psychological methods in order to do so and it's up to us to counter as best we can in a way that nullifies the effectiveness of their methods. In the same way we must start denying consent to be ruled by a bunch of psychopaths in Washington, DC, we must also stop listening to their version of what is important and telling them what is truly important. As more and more people become aware of how the media is manipulating them, less and less will pay attention to the establishment media. When enough people deny consent and ignore the media, that is when we will see a true change for the better start to take place.
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