Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Destruction and Democracy by JJ3 The Liberty Bard

My country and my government are not the same thing:  You can love your country and despise your government.  It is exactly this love for my country, this love for the concept of America, the greatest country ever to exist on this planet for the simple reason that it was founded on the concept of the rights of the individual, it is exactly for this love that I despise a government that is actively trying to change our country and take away our greatest strength, the freedom of the individual. 

Government should only serve one purpose and that is to protect the rights of the individual.  But here we stand witnessing the collapse of the one system on Earth that has brought prosperity and freedom to generations.  Do you truly feel free?
Welcome to the narcissistic nanny state

It's a bureaucratic feudalistic magistrate.

It's got an ego powered artificial mad mandate,

If you're full of self importance than you think it's great

If you love to control others then you can relate

But the only thing a government can ever create

is a central banking system a destructive tax rate,

and a craving for power they can never satiate.


Governments and bureaucrats,

Monopolies and manipulated stats

Bureaucracies and men in black,

Well help you fund your coup de’tat.

They'll offer you destruction and democracy,

They'll give you money if you follow policy,

They'll never let you know it's all a fallacy

They'll even let you pretend that you're truly free

As long as you don't ever go and disagree

Then they won't shock and awe you very viciously.

We're regulated by fickle fabulous fools,

Who love to dominate you with their government rules.

They're in it for the power and perhaps the glory,

Manipulate the media to sell their story

The military industrial complex,

Enforces all their orders regardless if they wreck,

The lives of ordinary people by mistake,

To get your vote they'll give but they prefer to take.

To offer up a little bit of clarity,

You just can't print prosperity.

I just want a government that's sensible,

And follows a non aggression principle,

But every day leviathan increases in size,

Truth is treason in an empire of lies.