Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Lyrics by JJ3 The Liberty Bard
Song and Video by Chiwawa

The Angels Forgot How to Fly (Video and music by Krassy from Chiwawa)

As I begin my ascension, into a desperate dimension, I realize that I'm not alone.

I'm surrounded by clowns with ruby red frowns and frightened by their terrorizing tone.

They're chanting a chant, and I know that I can't escape them I'm chilled to the bone.

They start pressing forward and pushing me toward, a cross that I cannot condone.

But I dare not fight back, now my body's gone slack, then as one they all start to moan.

They're feeding on me, my fresh energy, is stolen like thieves in the night.

I reach for my sword, for strength I implore, from a God who's far out of sight.

But my sword isn't there, and I don't seem to care, 'cause I can't find a reason to fight.

But I once was a soul who was pure rock and roll and determined to do what was right.

But once what was pure, is now so obscure, only money is equal to might.

And what could have been warriors are now victims and voyeurs and lawyers of average height.

In stories of dragons and rose covered wagons, lies society's same alibi.

But the clowns rule the towns and the drugs all surround, the diamonds all destined to die.

Without breaking the chains, they struggle in vain and search for their next humble high.

While the crooks with their crimes, and the poets lost rhymes search in vain for the answer to why.

These souls without sins, these fairytale men, left us here with this knot to untie.

In a world so unkind, maybe one day we'll find a way to bid evil goodbye.

As I end my ascension from that desperate dimension, I look around and heave a great sigh.

For once what was great is now a world full of hate...seems the angels forgot how to fly.